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Fees not covered by MSP include the following:

Additional Fees:


​Disability/travel/time off (short form) $65.00
Disability/travel/time off (long form) $100.00
School/work time off (short note) $20.00
School/work time off (more extensive note) $45.00
Occupational Fitness Assessment $40.00
Income Tax Disability Form $65.00
SPARC Form/Handidart/General Certificates $35.00
Nutritional Supplement Application $25.00


General Insurance Examination or Physical $160.00
School Physical Fitness (Including Certificate) $65.00
Drivers License Full Exam (Yellow Stripe) $145.00
Drivers License Medical Exam (Blue Stripe) $70.00
Additional Diabetic Driver Report (DMER) $40.00


​Liquid Nitrogen other than plantar warts (material costs) $5.00
Liquid Nitrogen prepaid four treatments $15.00
Excision Mole (cosmetic) - Facial $230.00
Excision Mole (cosmetic) - non Facial $155.00
Excision/biopsy (cosmetic) - no suture $110.00


Transfer of Records $50.00
Copies of Results/Chart Material per Page (first four)* $5.00
Copies of Results/Chart Material per Page (after first four)* $1.00
Re-referral charge for missed consultation appointments $25.00
Missed Appointment Charge $50.00

*No charge if received via patient portal

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