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Flu Shots

Why get a flu shot....

1.  Even healthy people get sick. And having flu is awful.

Every season is different but some years are really nasty and we often can’t predict how nasty until well into the season. For some people that is too late to get protected and this year it could be you! Not having had it before is NO protection!


2. It’s not all about you.

About 90% of people who die from the flu most years are over 65. Many of the rest are young children. By getting the flu shot yourself you can protect not just your elderly and young family members but those of your work colleagues, kid’s friends and even the folks you meet at the park


3. Everyone has immune systems that gradually forget.

Although types of flu slowly change over the years many come back in similar forms again and again.   A yearly shot helps boost the immune memory and over time makes you much less susceptible to many different flu strains.


4. The flu shot does not make you ill!

There is no live active flu in the vaccine; it’s either dead bits of the virus or virus that has the dangerous bits removed. If you got sick it usually means you were developing the flu before the shot or you caught something not covered by the vaccine


5. You aren’t disqualified because you’re pregnant, have a weak immune system or have a chronic disease.

These conditions actually make you more at risk from the flu and are an even stronger indication to get the vaccine! The flu vaccine is 100% safe in pregnancy


6. Having the flu shot yourself helps. Getting the whole family vaccinated is even better.

Everyone from 6 months and up can have the vaccine. There are good studies that show increased protection for everyone as the numbers of people vaccinated goes up.


7. It helps even after the flu season.  

For all of us but especially people vulnerable due to age or illness the flu causes an inflammatory reaction that can takes months to settle increasing risks of other problems like heart attacks


8. It is always better than nothing.

The effectiveness varies from year to year but even in the least effective years the flu shot protects most people from many of the flu strains they come in contact with. That’s better odds than almost any other form of treatment out there.


One final thing…

Not absolutely everyone can have the flu shot because of allergic reactions to ingredients. If you think this may be you tell us.  If you have a family member who has an allergy but you don’t – please consider the flu shot yourself. You can help reduce their chances of getting sick.

Flu Immunizations
by Appointment Only
for Patients of our clinic Only


To book you flu immunization appointment

please call:  604-826-7996

Immunizations are by appointment only, 

and for patients with their family doctor

at Mission Oaks Medical

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