Frequently Asked




If you would like to discuss lab results or other results with your doctor it is advisable to book an appointment.   If you have a family doctor in the clinic we can sometimes speak to you on the phone if you like a quick piece of advice, to review medication, or are uncertain about the urgency of a problem.




We will call you with referral appointments.   If you do not hear from us in 10 days, please follow up with our office.


Please allow 48 hours for prescription renewals.


Uninsured Services:  


MSP does not cover fees for the driver's license forms, sick notes, medical record transfers, and other services.   For a list of current fees please see our uninsured services.



Mission Oaks Egateway FAQ
How do I activate an account for online appointment booking?


In order to maintain confidentiality, and for us to verify the identify of users, you will need to visit the clinic in person to register for the online booking service.  Once set up, you can book future appointments online.


How do I deactivate my account ?


We will need a written request or phone confirmation during clinic hours and we will deactivate your account for you.  Your clinical medical record will not be impacted in any way.


What web browser should I use?


Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10;   Chrome 35;  Firefox 29;  Safari 6.0 and Safari iPad


Where is my medical data stored?


The Mission Oaks eGateway accesses the same secure offsite database that we use in our clinic.  The database is located in a secure data centre hosted by TELUS in Calgary, AB.


I noticed an error in my medical record – what should I do?


If you notice an error or inconsistency in your record, please contact Mission Oaks Medical Centre directly and notify us about your concern. In the future you will be able to communicate any updates to your record using the eGateway Health Summary page.


How do I know my medical data is secure?


Our goal is to provide you with the best security available. Mission Oaks Medical Centre eGateway uses industry-standard security practices to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

For example, your personal information is protected while it is in transit between your computer and our server using security techniques such as encryption, which ensures that your personal information cannot be read or modified while it is being transferred.


Will I be required to change my password?


No, there are no mandated time restrictions requiring password changes.


What if I forget my password?


There is a self-serve password recovery mechanism in the Health eGateway.  You will be prompted to answer the security questions you chose at registration.  If you are unable to reset your password, you will require a new registration PIN from Mission Oaks.


How do you protect my personal information?


We are committed to protecting your personal information – both the information you provided for registration and the medical file information you access online. To prevent unauthorized access, several safeguards are used; such as complex passwords, encrypted information during transit, automatic log out of an account after a period of inactivity, and locking an account after several unsuccessful login attempts.