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Mission Oaks Medical Centre doctors and staff are committed to providing comprehensive medical care, looking after the needs of our patients in and out of the hospital.  We are rearranging our hours to provide more appointments. We will continue to provide care for urgent issues from 0800 to 1800 on weekdays and 0900 to 1100 on weekends but encourage you to book appointments with your family doctor whenever possible. To make this easier you can book on line, by phone or in person and we will maintain some space for booking urgent appointments on the same day as you need seeing. We discourage our patients from using external walk in clinics and request that if you have a need you make contact with us and describe what it is you’d like to see the doctor about to one of our team members who will try to ensure your need is met in the most timely and appropriate way.


We value disease prevention and health management as an integral part of family medicine. Some of the advantages of always coming to your family doctor’s clinic are:

  • More consistent care with fewer unnecessary repeat tests or visits.

  • A complete record of all your medical history helps doctors make decisions.

  • Your family doctor always  gets reports of what is going on



Please note, our urgent care clinic is only for patients who have their family doctor at our office.    If you do not have a family doctor at our office, or in Mission,  please register on Fetch or contact the Primary Care Clinic located on the first floor of the Community Health Centre, in front of the hospital.  Their phone number is 604-820-1021.


Here are a few key things you can do to help us help you get timely and appropriate care.


Register for on line access and use the online booking for convenience and choice.


Plan ahead whenever possible for non-urgent care needs. Fewer than 25% of walk-in visits are for reasons that could not wait a few hours or a day or two.


Book whenever possible rather than walking in even on the same day.

Don’t use external walk in clinics except for those urgent out of normal hours problems that could not wait until your clinic is open.


Thank you!


Your health care team at Mission Oaks Medical Centre


Did you know that Mission Oaks has been serving the residents of Mission for over forty years.  This is the clinic’s third location and we moved here in 2011.  Mission Oaks has slowly expanded over the years and we now have eight doctors who work here.

We are proud to be a group of doctors who are committed to caring for you in hospital and home as well should you ever need it.

You may have already received messages from us but if you haven’t yet we’re pleased to announce that we are expanding our internet messaging system to allow us to send notes such as reminders, some results and notification of appointments. If you have not had chance to register for on line access please let one of our team know and we’ll be delighted to help you.

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